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Hello Riding Buddies!

My name is Lauren Lansdowne. Have been riding horses since before I could ride a bicycle! I still own my first horse that I purchased when I was 14! I started out trail riding like most of us do, and moved quickly to jumpers and eventing. I began to purchase and train OTTBs and went to the AEC (American Eventing Championships) in 2007. I have worked at many high end jumper barns in the Southern Pines area and learned from the best.

After a cross country accident when I was 19, I was unable to ride. My passion for horses however, was still there. With a little help from a childhood friend, I was introduced to one of the most influential cart driving trainers, Alphonso Hargrove. I began to work for him in the summer of 2009 and quickly became his assistant. He taught me everything I know about driving and training driving horses. Since then, I have competed in CDE competitions in Southern Pines and other areas. 

Once I was able to ride again, I took up western riding while living in Texas and Utah and became quite good at Versatility competitions. After returning to New York, I began training and teaching.

Before I was a full time horse trainer, I was a science (Physics and Earth) teacher for 12 years, have two master's degrees from Utah State University, and a Double Bachelor's from North Carolina State University, one in Equine Science. I believe that all my life experience has prepared me to be the best trainer I can be for you or your child.   

It is my passion to teach you WHY you do something, not tell you to do it JUST BECAUSE. I have a progressive view on training and riding and believe that being a good rider, competitor, and horse owner is all based in understanding the underlying concepts. 


I'm always looking to meet new people. Email or call me today!      910-603-6780

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