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Meet Our Current Lesson Horses.

Our lesson horses are waiting for you! Don't miss out on these special teachers!


Sparkle is a 23 years old appendix QH, but don't let her age fool you. She has a lot of experience and she is our resident jumper. She still teaches kids how to do a proper two-point! As my first ever horse, she holds a special place in the barn and knows it! 



Logan is our newbie. He came to us from a trade, but has made quite a splash! He is an arabian apaloosa, or araloosa, registered as Asil Think Inkd. His great grandfather was the horse that played the black stallion in the original movie, Cass Ole. He is 6 years old and has some spice, but teaches our students to be patient and consistent as well as to be more assertive as a rider. 


Cash was one of the original cart horses I trained. I never owned him, but through a twist of fate, he has come to reside with me for the rest of his life. He is a 19 year old gypsy vanner, registered as Belladonna Cash the Man in Red. He has extensive experience in the driving realm and was my main CDE horse. Now he likes the slower live of kiddie cart rides and toting the younger students around at a walk and trot. 


Sampson is also fairly new. he is a 3 year old welsh pony. He is currently in training as a CDE pony, but he is also an excellent leadline pony for the tiny tots. He has lots of personality and is a continual hit in the barn. As his training increases, so will his usage. 



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