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The Rescue Mission

Pikachu Toby 

We periodically bail suffering standardbreds from the kill pen to give them another chance at life. Some come more damaged than others, our current rescue Toby came to us with a very sore back leg that needs some veterinary care to give him a chance at being a family horse. He is a great companion and excellent hugger! Help us help him. 



Brooklyn Hobie came to us from a kill pen where he was left by the Amish after spending close to 15 years pounding the pavement for 40 or miles a day. By rescuing him, we took on a huge challenge that we cannot do without the help of others. If you would like to support Toby (Pikachu) and other standardbred rescues like him, please donate to his GoFundMe and help to bring him back to full health and make some kiddos really happy. 


Your contributions would go to the following to get Toby back on his feet and finding a family to love him for the rest of his days:

- Stifle injection

- Massage therapy

- Chiropractic work

- Much needed dentistry work 

- Supplements for his joints

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